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Provide a “one patient, one record” environment to encourage better patient care and more informed medical treatment

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Healthcare Overview

Today’s healthcare providers are dynamic, evolving with the times, and reliant on computer technology. They have to be. The industry is in a state of rapid change, and the way healthcare services are accessed, managed, and delivered will continue to evolve over the coming years.

An area where change is clearly evident is the patient record. Regulations have driven the adoption of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, and these systems have advanced the quality, safety, and reliability of patient care by making data more widely available.

Even though EMR systems have proven their value in managing structured data, they are insufficient for aggregating and managing all the information related to an individual patient, including paper documents. This information may include diagnostic and treatment records as well as lab and test results, images, doctor notes, and non-clinical records such as insurance, billing, and other forms and administrative paperwork.

For these requirements—and others such as compliance, security, privacy, archiving, document exchange, access control, sharing, dashboards, and remote access on mobile devices—healthcare providers are looking beyond the EMR to invest in a holistic solution that complements and extends the capabilities of the EMR system. That’s where OpenText can help you make a difference.

How Can OpenText Help in Healthcare?

OpenText offers healthcare solutions that support a document’s lifecycle through integrations with existing medical applications and systems for:

  • Patient information exchange via electronic faxing with OpenText Fax Solutions
  • Management of records with OpenText Healthcare Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

OpenText Fax Solutions

With the largest number of integrations available in the healthcare industry, OpenText Fax Solutions are optimizing how healthcare organizations send, receive and streamline workflows with electronic faxes to improve operational efficiency and increase patient care.  Seventy-five percent of healthcare organizations continue to use fax as their primary method of patient information exchange and OpenText is committed to helping them eliminate standalone fax machines for secure, compliant and efficient document exchange. 

Our fax solutions include:

  • OpenText RightFax: As the number one Fax Server in healthcare, RightFax leads in integration and patient information exchange for electronic faxing in healthcare
  • OpenText Fax2Mail:  This cloud service is perfect for healthcare organizations that want the ease and simplicity of the cloud with the security and compliance required in the healthcare industry

OpenText Healthcare Enterprise Information Management

The OpenText Healthcare EIM solution addresses four broad requirements:

  • Competent management of records
  • Secure access to the right medical records at the right time by authorized personnel in any location
  • Integration with existing medical applications and systems
  • Ability to drive performance improvements and manage costs

Empowering healthcare professionals to provide better patient care and improve patient outcomes is the ultimate goal. By creating a “one patient, one record” environment, the OpenText Healthcare EIM solution gives doctors and providers access to a broad patient history so they can better evaluate and correlate test results, compare images and patient histories, make more informed diagnoses, and deliver better care.


OpenText Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare Enterprise Information Management

Eliminates paper documents, manages unstructured content and provides a longitudinal centralized repository for patient records, while integrated to an EMR or Clinical Portal.


  • Enhance patient care by providing doctors with access to comprehensive records of each patient’s health and medical history.
  • Enable clinicians to instantly view a patient’s complete medical record through a familiar EMR interface, without manually pulling paper files.
  • Reduce or eliminate the costs of physically storing and transporting patient charts and paper files.
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Clinical Portal

Aggregates patient data from multiple clinical information systems. Intuitive web interface summarizes patient clinical data and presents it to physicians and patients anytime and anywhere.


  • Physicians can focus on patient care and make informed decisions rather than spend time finding patient data.
  • Gives patients the ability to access, learn from, and manage their own health records under the auspices of their healthcare provider.
  • Secure and self-service access for patients to their health records.

Assure for Healthcare

Deploy simple to complex clinical and administrative workflows. HIMs processes such as Release of Information and Chart Deficiency Tracking are built using Assure for Healthcare.


  • Optimize HIM Processes in your healthcare organization.
  • Implement a Case Management solution
  • Case Management processes, or cases, may be associated with zero, one, or more documents or records and can represent work at any level in a clinical workflow process.

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