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Chemicals solutions

Drive digital transformation, optimize manufacturing processes and streamline critical assets with OpenText Chemicals solutions

Today's challenges

Chemicals companies, including manufacturers and distributors of basic, specialty, consumer and agricultural chemicals, face challenges that can impact short- and long-term growth.

Adhering to strict regulatory controls

Companies must reduce regulatory operations costs and non-compliance risk to maintain required product quality standards.

Accelerated globalization

New market entrants and mergers and acquisitions create a dynamic, highly competitive market requiring innovative product development, operations planning and customer response strategies.

Growing complexities of B2B exchanges

Today’s complex digital ecosystems hinder time to revenue and customer satisfaction.

Converting data into actionable insight

Companies must transform data from IoT-connected equipment and products into actionable information to improve output and minimize downtime.

Customer success stories

OpenText Chemicals solutions benefits

Digitalization is leading the innovation in all major industries, and chemicals are not too far behind in embracing the power of digitalization and its role in innovation. Digital technology will help chemical companies in many ways such as capturing critical data and drawing insights from it to achieve improved output at lower costs, scheduling preventative maintenance to minimize downtime and facilitating accurate inventory planning to prevent stock outs.

Sarang Wadyalkar, Associate Manager of Chemicals and Materials, MarketsandMarkets

OpenText Chemicals solutions

Better control manufacturing processes and risk

OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering

Improve workflows for operations and maintenance

OpenText Documentum for Asset Operations

Improve agility and productivity of product teams

OpenText Core for Capital Projects

Boost accountability and collaboration with suppliers and vendors

OpenText Core for Supplier Exchange

Facilitate efficient, secure and compliant B2B exchanges

OpenText Business Network

Drive B2B ROI and supply chain efficiencies

OpenText B2B Managed Services

Leverage big data analytics to accelerate time to value

OpenText Magellan

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