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Don't let Brexit stop you from delivering the goods. Prepare with OpenText

Could Brexit stop supply chains delivering the goods?

Achieve frictionless trade in a post-Brexit world

The United Kingdom (UK) will leave the European Union (EU) in April 2019. With the implementation of Brexit, a new set of customs arrangements will take effect that will change cross-border trading relationships.

OpenText white paper Achieving frictionless trade

Achieving frictionless trade

Read Achieving frictionless trade to learn how advanced shipping notices (ASNs) can facilitate post-Brexit customs requirements and play an important role in the post-Brexit technology solution.

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Brexit Roundtable Special Report - achieve frictionless trade with OpenText

OpenText hosted a dinner with more than 30 supply chain industry experts at the Gherkin in London, featuring leading Brexit subject matter expert Alex De Ruyter, professor and director of the Centre for Brexit Studies at Birmingham City University. During the evening, Alex presented how UK businesses can streamline their process and use up to date technology to manage their supply chain.

Freight, Logistics & Brexit

Read the Roundtable Special Report for the highlights of the evening written by National Technology News.

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Brexit Roundtable Special Report - Business Network
Brexit Roundtable Special Report

Brexit Briefing Series: 

Brexit Roundtable Special Report