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Join us for the City Networking Series,
October-December, 2018

Empowering the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise

Join our experts for the OpenText City Networking Breakfast Briefing series. Each session is designed to offer bite size information that will help organisations work smarter.

8:15 am–9:00 am BST
45 Cannon Street, London, EC4N

Sessions offered include:

Social Media Marketing—6 Things Businesses Should Be Doing
7th November

Learn six new innovative things that businesses should be doing as part of their social media marketing strategy. This session will cover areas, such as Augmented Reality, Automation, Chat Bots, 360 Video, UGC and Ephemeral Content.

Speaker: Mark Fawkes, digital marketing strategist, BigGunDigital


Digital Specialists, Marketing Executive, Marketing Assistants, Social Media Specialists, Digital Marketing Assistant

SuccessFactors—Improve Employee Motivation
5th December

Digital transformation automates processes and streamlines administrative tasks and can improve employee motivation by up to 85%. Learn why delivering strategic HR is key to digital transformation success.

Speaker: Neil Berretta, HR strategist, SAP SuccessFactors


HR Specialists, Compliance Officers, HR Executives, Jnr HR Specialists, HR Generalists

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Breakfast Briefing
8:15 am–9:00 am BST

45 Cannon Street, London, EC4N