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OpenText Cloud

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OpenText CloudThe Cloud is quickly becoming a business imperative. What used to be discussed as a potential option for managing budgets, is now a strategic direction that drives competitive positioning, product innovation, business agility, and cost management.

The OpenText Cloud is a purpose-built cloud environment for enterprise solutions spanning Information Management, Compliance, and B2B Integration. Supported by a global, scalable, and secure infrastructure, OpenText Cloud includes a foundational platform of technology services, and packaged business applications for industry and business processes, supported by comprehensive Managed Cloud Services. The OpenText Cloud manages 16 billion transactions per year representing $6.5 trillion in commerce, stores 3.5 petabytes of content, integrates 600,000 trading partners and benefits more than 60,000 customers around the globe.

The Power of the OpenText Cloud

  • There are clouds, then there is the OpenText Cloud.  Unlike commercial cloud platforms, the OpenText Cloud is powered by a backbone of expertise in B2B commerce, compliance and information management.
  • You choose your service level. From all inclusive to customized services, OpenText offers a complete set of managed services to ensure transitioning business in the cloud is accurate, easy, trusted.
  • The deployment strategy that’s right for your business. Flexible cloud models for public, private, or hybrid deployments enable your organization to protect and manage information within the rules that govern it.
  • Your business requires a trusted platform. Global, tested, and reliable, more than 60,000 customers run on the OpenText Cloud to drive more than $6.5 trillion in eCommerce annually.


Global Infrastructure

With a global, scalable, and secure infrastructure, the OpenText Cloud drives over $6.5 trillion in commerce transactions annually. The OpenText Cloud is the world’s largest business network with data centres located around the world that support over 600,000 trading partners in 61 countries.

Deployment Flexibility

It is predicted that by 2017 over half of all enterprises will use some combination of private and public cloud, and that 50% of an organisations business data will reside outside the data centre walls. Choosing the right balance of on-premises solutions with the cloud will entail understanding process requirements for balance and control, data sovereignty and compliance. Whether you need to run all your business on the Trading Grid in our Cloud, in your cloud, or a combination of both, OpenText Cloud will enable balance, offering flexible deployment options based on your business needs.

Private Cloud: The enterprise has exclusive use of a discrete and secure cloud environment in which only the specified organisation can operate. OpenText provides Managed Private Cloud solutions and services across its product portfolio.

Public Cloud: The most recognisable model of cloud computing is the public cloud, under which cloud services are provided to multiple clients using the same shared infrastructure. OpenText offers public cloud services and solutions across its product portfolio.

Hybrid Cloud: An integrated strategy where an enterprise coordinates across cloud service provider boundaries or a combination of on-premises and cloud to assemble a Hybrid Cloud service. OpenText works with you to understand the right mix of cloud infrastructure with on-premises solutions to ensure information is secure, trusted, and governed.

OpenText Trading Grid

The OpenText Trading Grid provides B2B integration services that connect businesses with their trading partner communities. On-demand messaging services, including fax, notifications, secure email and file transfer solutions extend the reach of the Trading Grid to trading partners of all sizes. Trusted, global, and scalable, the OpenText Trading Grid is built to support high-availability and disaster recovery. Businesses depend on OpenText Trading Grid messaging services, broad protocol support, and mapping and translation capabilities to securely and reliably exchange documents between business partners. B2B Managed Services on the Trading Grid include SaaS applications, such as order management, eInvoicing, and trading community management, that collectively provide end-to-end transaction visibility. Additional, B2B Managed Services options include business partner onboarding services in order to provide turnkey solutions for accessing the Trading Grid. 

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Information Management Applications

Media Management on Demand

A cloud service for web-based digital asset management and creative workflows.

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Case Framework

Accelerate the implementation of service centre applications with pre-configured solution components and integrations.

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OpenText Core

A multi-tenant SaaS solution that balances ease-of-use and productivity with the controls and management required in your business today.

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Compliance Applications

Secure Email

Encrypt, track, protect, and control email through cloud-based secure messaging that integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail.

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Managed File Transfer

Information security and governance for large file transfers of digital content and sensitive intellectual property.

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B2B Integration Applications

eInvoice Management

Convert paper processes - send and receive invoices electronically between your organisation and your suppliers.

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Order Management

Aggregate all changes, shipping, and invoicing information related to any outstanding order.

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Community Management

Keep supplier contact details, billing information, and insurance credentials up-to-date.

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Transaction Management

Exchange electronic business documents securely, quickly and reliably.

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Fax Services

Enterprise cloud fax services, on-premise or hybrid enterprise fax solutions that integrate with desktop and business applications.

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Manage global notifications via email, SMS, and voice.

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Managed Services in the Cloud

OpenText Managed Cloud Services brings together the power of a cloud platform with deep expertise in management and optimisation of the platform and applications. Managed Cloud Services offers a range of services to support an organisation's business, including network operations, cloud engineering, customer support services and client enablement. Managed Cloud Services is designed to simplify and accelerate an organisation's transformation to the cloud.

OpenText's Private Cloud Services provides organisations with the ability to operate their EIM software in the OpenText Cloud with management by OpenText experts, letting you focus on optimising your business while we manage your technology.

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Our B2B managed services experts perform all of the day-to-day activities such as mapping, connectivity, onboarding, testing, monitoring and end-user support on your behalf. You can leverage our teams to quickly build out your connectivity to business partners, scaling up and down the number of people on your projects as you see fit. All the technology is hosted in our integration cloud so there is no software to license and no hardware to buy.

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