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OpenText TeleForm

  • Overview

Better quality of information starts with effective data collection and validation, resulting in fewer issues down the line. In an ideal world, the data and documents needed for most business processes would be captured at the source, validated, and then fed into the destination systems where it can be used as required. While electronic forms can be used in some cases, the use of paper persists and, in many cases, is necessary and will continue to be used for decades to come.

OpenText™ TeleForm is an intelligent forms automation solution that provides a paper on-ramp for document and forms-driven processes using powerful design, capture and recognition technologies to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry. TeleForm automatically captures, classifies and extracts information from paper and electronic documents and forms using powerful recognition technologies, creating accurate, process-ready content.

TeleForm enhances and accelerates Digital Transformation activities, Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions, and CEM projects, capturing information and documents provided by customers, automating document workflows, and ensuring efficient and consistent customer processes. By eliminating time-consuming manual document sorting and data entry, TeleForm streamlines document-driven business processes and delivers a significant and rapid return on investment.

Product Highlights

  • Design and distribute forms for accurate recognition and data capture
  • Capture from MFPs, scanners, fax, email, web, and smartphones
  • Extract data using OCR, ICR, OMR, Barcode, and Logo recognition
  • Validate and verify data to ensure accurate processing
  • Combine paper and electronic forms solutions with LiquidOffice
  • Accelerate EIM and CEM processes with integrated solutions

TeleForm offers a single platform for capturing all documents at the point they are received by the organization, across different departments, businesses, and geographies. This unified approach to document capture improves business operations across the enterprise through process acceleration, cost reduction, lower compliance risk, enforced process consistency and increased information security.

Organizations select TeleForm for many reasons including:

  • Comprehensive solution for forms design, distribution, capture and data extraction
  • Robust and scalable solution for high volume automated forms processing
  • Seamless integration with LiquidOffice for a comprehensive Intelligent Forms Automation solution
  • Rich customization and scripting capabilities for solution development
  • Experienced Partners and Consultants to help with end-to-end solution delivery
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools logo

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools saves time and reduces risk with OpenText LiquidOffice and OpenText TeleForm.

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The Word & Brown Companies

TeleForm, which The Word & Brown Companies had already used for a number of years, streamlines document driven business processes by using powerful recognition technologies to automatically capture, classify and extract information from paper and electronic documents.

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Westgate Resorts

Being able to do the same workload with fewer employees was a big saving for us and without a doubt, using the OpenText solutions has improved the service that Westgate can give to its customers.

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