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OpenText makes Information Governance work across Industries

Utilise the business value in your organisation's enterprise information and discover how Information Governance could work in your industry or sector:


Financial Services

Information Governance in the Financial Sector can help monetise the value in enterprise data, ensure against risk, and help realise the return of an information management investment.
Information Governance and Financial Services



Information Governance powers the energy sector by allowing organisations stay competitive while ensuring compliance to strict regulation. Compliance automation and better access to important information helps the energy sector achieve efficient operations and better business decision making.
Information Governance in the Energy Sector


Public Sector

Information Governance allows Governments and Public Sector bodies to improve the capture, classification, archiving and deletion of information across departments or whole organisations.
Information Governance in the Public Sector

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Ensure Organizational Compliance with Information Governance

Ensure Compliance

Manage and secure your assets through consistent, easy policy application and compliance with regulation.

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Manage your Information Goverance needs with Enterprise Content Management from OpenText

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Speak to a local solutions consultant about how OpenText can help you with Information Governance.

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Maximise the value of Information with Information Governance

Maximise Value

Get the most value from your information by making sure it is easy to find, efficiently managed, and everywhere you need it to be

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InfoGov Basics

Visit Information Governance Basics for useful information on how to implement your Information Governance strategy.


Turn risk into reward. Get security and compliance right. Learn why, learn how

Discovery Solutions for Information Governance

Discovery Solutions from OpenText provide information discovery, semantic classification and organisation of both internal and external information sources to enhance operations and reduce risk