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OpenText High-Efficiency Managed Review

Get budget certainty, cost-savings and eDiscovery risk mitigation in your document review projects.

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Find out how to take costs and risks out of unpredictable document review projects

High-Efficiency Managed Review overview

OpenText™ High-Efficiency Managed Review eliminates the trade-off between risk, costs and stressful workloads that can make meeting deadlines daunting. A full-service outsourced solution, it combines proprietary technology-assisted review based on continuous active (machine) learning, highly trained and technically adept attorney reviewers and machine learning experts to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective review with the best possible results.

High Efficiency Managed Review benefits

  • Cost predictability

    Get a guaranteed project price upfront with a quick scoping service—no surprises, runaway spend or scope creep.

  • Save up to 80%

    Reduce document review costs by up to 80% with technology-assisted review based on continuous active (machine) learning combined with proven processes, experienced attorney reviewers and machine learning expertise.

  • Improve accuracy and decrease risk

    Create measurable goalposts for success, apply proven techniques for efficient quality control (QC) and ensure consistent coding to measurably improve quality and accuracy and reduce risk.

  • Gain a strategic case advantage

    Make important decisions and meet pressing deadlines with confidence with faster access to relevant documents (and only the relevant documents) and a more rapid path to production.

Featured components

OpenText™ High-Efficiency Managed Review combines either OpenText™ Insight or OpenText™ Axcelerate, advanced eDiscovery analysis and review platforms, with the expertise of OpenText™ Professional Services.

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