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Cloud migration overview

Learn about OpenText’s proven approach to a successful cloud migration.

The right skills are essential to accelerate the move from on-premises to the cloud. With OpenText guiding the cloud migration strategy, businesses can trust the experts to handle the complexity and create an environment that is future ready.

OpenText cloud experts have the depth of knowledge, tools and experience required to securely shift business to the cloud, saving time, mitigating risk and optimizing results.


Cloud migration benefits

  • Shift to innovate

    Refocus IT from operations to innovation, empowering them to create solutions that improve the digital experience and grow the business.

  • Drive growth

    Leverage the scalability, agility and flexibility of a managed cloud to support new and changing business requirements.

  • Transform for the future

    Adapt to changing business needs, create market differentiation and improve productivity to realize up to 30% saving in TCO.

  • Modernize to accelerate

    Enable cost-effective updates that are fast to deploy, for increased speed to market and reduced ramp-up time.

  • Optimize the process

    Ensure the latest application features are available to develop optimized business processes, further improving the information advantage

  • Partner with experts

    Save time by partnering with OpenText to access the benefits of a managed cloud infrastructure optimized for Information Management.


Measure savings with OpenText Cloud

Use the free Cloud Value calculator to understand the value of migrating today.

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Grow with OpenText

OpenText offers three flexible options that allow organizations to upgrade and move to the cloud, realize the full potential of their Information Management solutions and grow with OpenText Managed Services.

  • Upgrade to release CE

    Remain on-premises and partner with OpenText Managed Services to optimally run applications with a cloud-ready release and prepare to pivot to the cloud.

  • Move to improve

    Efficiently migrate workloads to OpenText Cloud without upgrading, leveraging a single SLA, refocusing IT from operations to innovation and benefiting from being in the cloud.

  • Move to modernize

    Upgrade when migrating to the cloud with OpenText experts to optimize benefits, adopt new features and address new use cases using the latest release.

Find out more

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment Service

    Learn how the OpenText Cloud Readiness Assessment can help plan a successful journey to the cloud.

    Learn more about pivoting to the cloud
  • Migrate current workloads to the cloud

    Learn about OpenText™ Migrate, a platform that assists with structured, repeatable migrations with near-zero downtime.

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  • Increase the information advantage

    Utilize cloud managed services to its full potential to create an information advantage and lower TCO.

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