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Remote Access SoftwareOpenText Exceed TurboX

Maintain business continuity with secure remote access to high-performance graphical applications and desktops

See how OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX offers significantly better performance, particularly over wide area networks.

What is remote access?

Business continuity can be a challenge in normal times but under extreme circumstances, such as the “shelter-in-place” measures amid COVID-19, there are even greater challenges. Many organizations are struggling to offer reliable remote access to the graphics-intensive applications they rely on to do their job, disrupting productivity and impacting their business.

Remote access allows organizations to move individual applications or complete desktops, normally installed and managed physically on each user’s personal computer, to a centralized datacenter or cloud environment. Through these virtual instances of the application or desktop, remote users have access to the business-critical applications they need from any location.

Exceed TurboX overview

OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX provides fast and secure remote access to help keep critical tasks across numerous industries operating. Exceed TurboX allows users to access graphically demanding software solutions, where responsiveness and session resilience are key, with nothing more than a laptop and a browser.

Designed to accelerate productivity, increase security and foster collaboration, Exceed TurboX offers significantly better performance compared to alternative solutions, particularly over wide area networks.

Whether in the cloud or in a datacenter, UNIX, Linux and Windows applications can be securely deployed to users regardless of location or end-point resources. Each application and desktop instance runs on centralized servers allowing users to connect, disconnect and reconnect to the active session through a simple browser at any time, from anywhere, even from a different computer.

All installations, updates and access rights are controlled and monitored through an administrative portal, significantly reducing hardware, IT costs and complexity while providing ultimate control and security of applications and data.

Exceed TurboX features

  • Fast remote access

    Offers reliable remote access for high performance and increased user acceptance. Uses the highly efficient ThinX and Windows Direct protocol for up to 90 percent more bandwidth efficiency than traditional X servers.

  • Integrated high availability

    Deploys in a highly available server “cluster” for high availability access to ETX Server with maximum uptime. Distributes web sessions across ETX Servers in the cluster using a front-end web load balancer. Supports regional load balancing for users to connect to the closest location.

  • Suspend and resume

    Manually suspends sessions at any time and resume them on any computer, auto-adjusting to the new monitor resolution. Easily reconnects to existing remote sessions after connection interruptions.

  • Secure remote access

    Provides strong security with over-the-wire network communication encryption and support for enterprise logon systems, including keycards.

  • Virtual GPU support

    Supports NVIDIA vGPU, enabling a single graphics card to be split across up to 16 virtual machines, for hardware-based rendering, H.264 compression and direct frame buffer access for fast access to 3D applications.

  • Centralized administration

    Offers a central web portal for IT staff across the organization to monitor and manage user access to systems. Downloads and automatically uses new runtime for new sessions without stopping sessions.

  • Pixel-perfect display of remote sessions

    Perfectly displays graphically demanding remote sessions, including support for UHD displays and multiple monitors.

  • Universal client

    Use the browser-based HTML5 client to access your work remotely from laptops, desktops and tablet computers.

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Exceed TurboX benefits

  • Save IT costs through centralization

    Replace expensive workstations with centrally managed servers to concentrate more users across shared resources, providing user access to applications and remote desktops at a fraction of the cost of deploying client hardware. Leverage advanced network infrastructure, bandwidth and network reliability to implement a single, or just a few, global datacenters for cost reduction.

  • Foster collaboration

    Discuss product design issues and find solutions with the team using screen sharing to conduct virtual, hands-on meetings to increase productivity levels.

  • Protect intellectual property

    Keep all data in a central well-protected datacenter, instead of data proliferating on many user workstations without strong access control.

  • Accelerate product go-to-market

    Accelerate product design and go-to-market with centralized datasets and strong collaboration.

  • Enable private and public cloud

    Deploy user desktops and applications on cloud infrastructure or leverage Exceed TurboX to move traditional 2D and 3D desktop applications as hosted applications in a third-party cloud.

  • Support global teams

    Offer engineers global, well-performing access to product design software and other key software solutions, whether in the office, at home, at customer sites or at construction sites.

Exceed TurboX industries

  • Aerospace and Defense

    Offers Aerospace and Defense engineers global remote access to 2D and 3D design software to design their products using software from Dassault Systems and others.

  • Education

    Provides remote access to high-performance computing systems (HPC) and solutions, such as MATLAB®, for researchers and students to run complex simulations, analyses and data visualizations.

  • Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

    Helps unleash the value of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) infrastructure by providing a global secure collaborative environment for engineers that is optimized for use with Cadence, Synopsys, ANSYS, Mentor Graphics, Keysight and other X Window EDA applications.

  • Financial Services

    Access financial services software, such as Finastra KONDOR+ and others, and resume sessions without relaunching and repositioning apps with a system that remembers the position and size of all windows in the session.

  • Manufacturing

    Enables a centrally managed delivery channel for PLM and CAD/CAM applications, including support for NVIDIA Grid for server-side rendering of 3D content, to help improve engineering task force productivity, while maintaining control over intellectual property.

  • Medical

    Offers doctors and other specialists access to diagnostic data, including high resolution 2D and 3D models created by MRIs, and similar equipment across slow hospital networks. Ensures that medical professionals can move between locations and access the data they need with pixel-perfect display for accurate diagnosis.

  • Oil and Gas

    Offers global secure remote access for geologists across slow internet connections, protecting IP without the data leaving the organization.

  • Utilities

    Provides reliable and secure remote access to SCADA dashboards that allow detailed control and corrective action for power plants and grids.

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