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Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions

Digital Asset Management (DAM) in your SAP environment

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Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions overview

OpenText™ Digital Asset Management for SAP® Solutions is a simple-to-use application with an easily customized web interface and a robust, enterprise-ready architecture.

Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions serves as the single point of management for all digital media files and their underlying information. The built-in workflow capabilities save time by simplifying the management process, including the tracking of and contributions to projects across the organization.

The integration of Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions with SAP Hybris allows customers to easily manage all their digital assets throughout the entire omni-channel experience and end-user customer journey.

Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions features

  • Manage various types of media

    Capture, manage and distribute digital assets of all types (including images, videos, audios, texts, layouts and graphics).

  • Extended usability

    Maximize the value of digital assets. Reuse and repurpose media assets across multiple enterprise workflows without the cost of manual recreation or repackaging.

  • Improved ecosystem

    Integrate with SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP Hybris Marketing in the SAP Hybris CEC Suite and the SAP Business Suite (CRM, ECC/ERP and PLM).

  • Native functionality

    Preserve user context within the SAP Hybris user interface and maintain underlying DAM fundamentals such as user security.

Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions benefits

  • Single point of management

    Increase efficiency through a single point of management and built-in workflow capabilities for digital media content and metadata information.

  • Increased revenue

    Achieve higher revenues through visibility and control of user rights and permissions.

  • Brand compliance

    Improve brand compliance through consistent creation, management and distribution of creative media across the enterprise.

  • Seamless integration

    Deliver enterprise-class media automation to augment and extend the functionality available in the core SAP Hybris solutions.


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