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OpenText Core for SAP SuccessFactors

Improve employee experiences, automate HR processes and assure country-specific security regulation compliance

See how OpenText HR document management solutions enhance employee experiences, support complex compliance requirements and propel HR efficiencies.

What is HR content management?

Content management helps HR departments increase efficiencies, improve employee engagement and ensure compliance through efficient digitization, management, creation and disposition of employee documents.

OpenText Core for SAP SuccessFactors overview

OpenText Core for SAP® SuccessFactors® combines digitized employee documents with core employee data in a central repository, accessible within the SAP® SuccessFactors® interface, for a seamless, 360-degree view of employees and improved HR effectiveness.

The cloud-based solution improves responsiveness and employee self-service (ESS) capabilities to enhance the employee experience. Embedded document generation capabilities generate impactful, consistent employee correspondence while retention management supports compliance requirements throughout the employee lifecycle.

OpenText  Extended ECM interface

OpenText Core for SAP SuccessFactors and features

  • Employee file management

    Digitizes and manages employee documents in an integrated central repository. Leverages Dossier Viewer and full-text search for instant retrieval. Sends missing and outdated documents alerts. Supports regional folder structures and document types.

  • Document generation and upload services

    Generates interactive employee letter and correspondence. Offers design templates to generate country-specific letters, generated through ESS/MSS. Features simple drag-and-drop and mass document upload. Automatically saves uploaded documents to the right folders.

  • Access security and retention management

    Assigns retention policies to region specific document types. Alerts users to documents nearing expiration. Lets users define mandatory documents supporting compliance regulations.

  • SAP SuccessFactors integration

    Integrates UI to simplify access for HR business partners and employees. Synchronizes with SuccessFactors role-based permissions. Generates personalized, accurate, consistent and impactful HR letters using integrated employee data. Leverages SuccessFactors role-based permissions to control document access.

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Core for SAP SuccessFactors benefits

  • Seamless SAP SuccessFactors integrations

    Leverage a solution co-developed with SAP product management to get the richest integration set, aligned roadmaps and stringent quality testing that offers the same product level standards as SAP SuccessFactors.

  • Centralizing HR documents supports Shared Services

    Access all centrally managed documents from around the globe to enable HR Shared Services. Support the workforce from any location to improve HR efficiencies and provide an elevated employee experience.

  • Ensure regional compliances and data security guidelines

    Comply with global data security guidelines using country-specific retention rules and customizable document types. Ensure completeness of employee files through document completeness tracking and reporting.

  • Automate HR correspondence

    Increase HR efficiencies through interactive document generation. Manage the entire document lifecycle through a centralized and secure platform. Accelerate onboarding and recruiting by enabling quick turnaround and self-service functionalities.

  • Global SaaS deployment

    Deploy a SaaS solution in one of OpenText’s global data centers and take advantage of multiple language support.

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