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OpenText Core Archive for SAP Solutions

Manage enterprise content cost-effectively and securely with one archiving service in the cloud

OpenText Core Archive for SAP Solutions overview

Optimize information processing with OpenText productivity solutions for SAP S/4HANA

OpenText™ Core Archive for SAP Solutions securely store SAP data and documents as well as non-SAP content in the cloud and integrate business documents with SAP transactions and processes.

Core Archive for SAP Solutions runs in the OpenText Cloud in a resilient and fault-tolerant architecture. Twin data centers in Europe and North America confines regional content and enables disaster recovery. The OpenText data centers provide an assured level of service, availability and quality with defined service level agreements, fault-tolerant solution design and audited operational controls.

The Archive Center Proxy represents the interface to the enterprise applications via SAP ArchiveLink, SAP ILM or CMIS and connects to the cloud service, while providing content caching, compression and encryption with a customer-owned key.

OpenText Core Archive for SAP Solutions features

  • SAP ILM support

    Manages the growth of an organization’s SAP database while ensuring continued access to historical data. Supports the migration to SAP S/4HANA® systems with data volume management.

  • Improved backup/restore times

    Accelerates backup and recovery times for the SAP database, reduces administrative costs, minimizes hardware costs and decreases the time it takes to implement SAP upgrades.

  • Imaging clients

    Includes a rich set of imaging clients that enable scanning, viewing (including notes and annotations) and desktop document and email integration with SAP, as well as batch input.

  • SAP certified

    Leverages SAP ArchiveLink solution certification to support all SAP document archiving scenarios.

  • Attachment lists

    Enhances the standard SAP capabilities for business document integration using a compelling attachment list with thumbnail preview and extensible attributes and access to content in various user interfaces.

  • Configurable views

    Uses configurable business process views in SAP for easy access to SAP documents and online and offline data in the respective business context and 360-degree views of SAP business objects (e.g. customer or vendor) with all related content, spanning SAP modules and applications.

  • Non-SAP content archiving

    Provides a CMIS interface to support content archiving and content integration from any CMIS enabled application for non-SAP content. Provides batch input interfaces as well as archiving from file systems.

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OpenText Core Archive for SAP Solutions benefits

Benefits for IT and Business

  • Cost-effective SaaS solution with fast provisioning

    Eliminate upfront investments in hardware, software and know-how with an enterprise level archiving service that grows with the needs of the business. Be up and running in a matter of days with the OpenText onboarding service.

  • Strong service levels and certified security

    Leverage the strong availability and fast disaster recovery of a solution with a TSA (Target Service Availability) of 99.9%, RTO (Recovery Time Objective) of 8h and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) of 1h. Ensure compliance with SEC rule 17a-4 of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), SOC 2&3 and ISO 27001.

  • Reduced IT complexity and cost

    Manage the growth of the SAP database, reducing resource consumption and administrative effort, while securing access to the data for the business. Combine with SAP ILM to support legacy system decommissioning and reduce IT landscape complexity and related costs for lower TCO.

  • Improved user productivity

    Seamlessly access content within SAP and CMIS enabled applications to eliminate content silos and speed up access to content in the respective business context. Further enhance user access to content with compelling business process views inside SAPGUI and SAP Fiori.

  • Higher process efficiency

    Digitize any incoming paper document as well as entire paper archives to make slow paper-based processes a thing of the past. Manage and integrate electronic content, such as email, office documents or SAP generated outgoing documents, with SAP processes for direct access, anytime and anywhere.

  • Reduced legal and operational risk

    Store content on a resilient and fault-tolerant architecture to meet governmental regulations and corporate governance. Track, manage and retain critical business information and make it available upon request, for example, during tax audits or in case of product liability.

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