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OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Connect client data and sales, marketing, customer and field service business processes for better collaboration, increased productivity and more revenue

Many companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365 produce the volumes of documents, content and data required to manage their sales opportunities, marketing projects, service requests and client-centric cases. These companies struggle to manage customer business workflows due to legacy systems, restricted user access and inefficient internal processes. Users working in multiple business systems often lack realtime access to the information needed to make informed decisions, resulting in delays, errors and other friction in business process flows.

To enable better collaboration, workplace productivity and provide a single source of truth for customer-facing content, organizations must connect their client data, sales, marketing, customer service and field services business processes.

OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft® Dynamics 365 provides the critical connection between business processes and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Find out how OpenText connects client data with key sales, marketing and field service business processes for better collaboration, increased productivity, more revenue and happier customers.

Key Benefits

Accelerate sales cycles and drive productivity, collaboration and customer service

  • Extended ECM Business Workspaces connect content to the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement business process flows. This allows pursuit teams, customer service and other client-centric users, such as bid teams, Call Center agents, dispatchers and field service agents, to remain within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application and access full client content within the OpenText Extended ECM platform and across the organization.

Maximize the value and insight from both unstructured and structured content

  • All content updates automatically populate relevant information to all connected systems and ensure improved data quality.
  • All users, from pursuit teams to marketing groups to customer and field services teams, benefit from a central engagement portal to share, edit, manage and publish content that updates information in realtime across all business workloads.

Authorize rights-based user access to information to ensure data security and integrity for critical customer information

  • Rights-based access and pre-defined business rules enable content stakeholders to view, edit and manage the information they need without navigating multiple systems to locate content in potentially restricted systems or areas.

Surface realtime data and siloed content to enable 360° insight and facilitate better decision-making

  • Dynamic, realtime content ensures client teams always have a "single point of truth" as a reference.

Maintain control over enterprise information

  • Mitigate the regulatory and legal risk from exponential growth of unmanaged, unstructured content by applying records management classifications to control its entire lifecycle from creation through archiving and destruction.

Choose from on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments deployments

  • Extended ECM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 runs in Microsoft Azure and the related Extended ECM Platform component can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premises.