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OpenText Enterprise Connect

Desktop interface allowing users to interact with the OpenText Content Suite directly from applications such as Microsoft® Office and Adobe® Acrobat®

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OpenText Enterprise Connect is an alternate desktop interface to the OpenText Content Suite Platform web UI that makes working with business content, applications, and processes easy for users. It integrates seamlessly with the productivity tools business users work in every day: Microsoft® Office applications, Windows® Explorer, Adobe® Acrobat®, and more—as well as their email environments, including Microsoft Office 365™ Desktop Professional, Microsoft Outlook® and IBM® Lotus Notes®.  By enabling users to work directly from the familiar productivity tools they use every day, OpenText Enterprise Connect removes the complexity of carrying out ECM-related tasks improving user adoption and business process efficiency, while supporting organizational policies for capturing, storing, and retaining business information.

OpenText Enterprise Connect generates a “win-win” situation; users get an easy and effortless experience without having to learn new software or leave the environments they are most productive in, and the organization bolsters its ECM and information governance programs, reduces associated risk and costs, and gains better control over business content.


  • Improve ECM system adoption by letting users work in the Microsoft® Office and Adobe® applications they use every day
  • Ensure email is accessible across all ECM solutions and business processes
  • Make it easy for users to follow compliance mandates by simplifying the capture, access, and control of content
  • Deliver ECM across the entire IT ecosystem and the desktop
  • An Easy Access Pane, similar to the “preview pane” of Microsoft Outlook, provides a side-by-side view of email and content, allowing users to drag and drop files into the OpenText Content Suite Platform
  • Contextual menus available in OpenText Enterprise Connect enable users to perform common ECM actions directly from the UI of the business application
  • Large volumes of documents can be uploaded without slowing down the user experience
  • Office Editor offers a seamless editing experience on a local hard drive without installing any special add-ons to applications
  • Documents or folders can be taken offline for use, and ensure changes are synchronized to the repository once connectivity is restored
  • Search Profiles expedite the filing of emails into the OpenText Content Suite Platform by intelligently extracting content and searching for folders based on patterns extracted from the subject field
  • Direct access to the search tools of the OpenText Content Suite Platform from desktop applications
  • Peace of mind that archiving as well as document and records management business rules defined in the OpenText Content Suite Platform are adhered to directly within the desktop application


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