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OpenText Transmittal Management

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Collaboration and control for capital project content

A capital project involves the planning, engineering, procurement, construction and operation of predominantly large-scale buildings, plants, facilities and infrastructure. These projects are complex and regulated, and without proper management they can face spiraling costs to deliver on time and with full compliance.

Central to the problem is how ideas are shared. A transmittal is used to transfer the asset’s drawings, specifications, calculations and other information, usually for review, comment, or approval purposes. It is also an official business record, forming the basis for many contractual decisions and results, and even determining liability in some situations.

Without a way to control and audit the process of transmittal exchanges, projects can stall and risks can escalate as confusion mounts over who has been sent what version of a document, what has been approved, and how third parties have been involved in the process.


  • Enhance collaboration among diverse groups and organizations
  • Increase productivity with rapid transmittal processing
  • Reduce risk with transparent processes, reporting and auditing
  • Consolidate information with other systems

OpenText Transmittal Management (formerly Livelink ECM - Transmittal Management) helps standardize and secure a complete and transparent lifecycle for a capital project’s transmittals, from creation and review to compliant auditing and retention. The solution’s process automation can be optimized for different requirements to maximize productivity and reduce costs, and its integrated search and user-friendly reporting provide further transparency.

The following features are some of the key capabilities of OpenText Transmittal Management:

  • Configurable process automation substantially reduces the risk of errors and delays associated with conventional manual processes
  • Multiple transmittal processes can be set up for different projects or purposes
  • Enables rapid creation of new transmittals with a three-step wizard, and progress can be saved at any stage
  • Transmittal activity is automatically captured for auditability, reporting, and conflict resolution
  • Receipts and responses are managed securely with the original documents and transmittals to provide a permanent record
  • Flexible options for delivery include tasks, workflows, email, zipped packages, FTP sites, and secure external collaboration sites
  • Supports projects across the enterprise with robust scalability

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