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OpenText EnCase eDiscovery

The industry gold standard for collection and preservation

OpenText EnCase eDiscovery provides enterprises 360-degree visibility across all endpoints, devices and networks to enable discreet, forensically-sound data collection for litigation and investigations

Early predictability

Gain the earliest possible insight into the costs and scope of potential litigation through early and continuous data assessment – all before any data is actually collected.

Robust automation

Reduce time-consuming tasks by automating custom workflows to collect potentially relevant data in a forensically sound manner – with no disruption to your business.

Unparalleled collections

Collect data from wherever it’s stored, including endpoints, email servers and document repositories – both on premise and in the cloud.

Legal hold

Automate legal hold management

You need an integrated, comprehensive and automated solution to systematically notify custodians that may hold potentially relevant data. Executing legal hold in a defensible manner greatly reduces your risk of spoliation or missing production deadlines that can result in significant sanctions. With EnCase eDiscovery you can:

  • Create and manage litigation holds from a single interface
  • Automate everything from legal notices to manager escalations
  • Ensure preservation obligations are met in full
  • Provide global cross-case reports and custodian overview dashboards

Pre-collection analytics

Make faster case strategy decisions

Your company will want to know at the first sign of potential litigation, where your data is, who has it, and how much will need to be collected. Understanding the scope of the request will determine your resources and how much money to set aside. With EnCase eDiscovery you can:

  • Test search criteria before any data is actually collected
  • Proactively identify potential custodians and data sources
  • Gain insight within minutes versus waiting weeks for solutions that first require indexing, collecting, and processing
  • Clearly understand the proportionality of production requests

Collection and preservation

Powerful collections and a defensible preservation process

Courts can sanction organizations if reasonable steps are not taken to preserve electronic data. EnCase eDiscovery enables you to precisely collect and preserve potentially relevant data, either on premise or in the cloud, with a defensible process that ensures strict chain of custody.

  • Robust connectors to e-mail sources and content repositories
  • Ability to collect from Box, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Drive
  • Electronic data is preserved in a forensically sound manner

Processing through production

Complete projects in-house or export to any platform of choice

Once litigation data has been collected it must be processed, reviewed and produced. Minimize data handoffs and outside vendors with self-service processing, review, and productions in OpenText Axcelerate, or export collected data into any other eDiscovery review platform.

  • Streamlined export to OpenText Axcelerate's award-winning processing, analytics, and review platform
  • A single project management and support team to guide you from processing all the way through production
  • Defensible, forensically sound export to all major eDiscovery platforms

Collect confidently and completely

Nothing missed. Nothing lost. Ensure evidence is collected defensibly and efficiently from all devices, sources and locations across your enterprise. Get a demo today.