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OpenText Axcelerate

Comprehensive platform for eDiscovery and investigations

A complete solution with award-winning analytics and continuous machine learning built right in, OpenText Axcelerate helps legal teams swiftly identify the facts that matter for litigation, compliance and governance.

Earlier insights

Find the facts, relationships and documents that make or break cases with advanced analytics, visualizations and technology-assisted review based on continuous machine learning.

Faster review

Speed time to review with connectors to data sources, self-service processing and robust early case assessment (ECA) to create highly targeted document review sets.

Better results

Automatically redact and protect sensitive information, achieve higher efficiency and accuracy and create customized productions.

Smart filters

Narrow the scope of review with simple point and click controls that leverage more than 50 different metadata fields from basics such as date, source and file type to advanced communication properties.

Rapidly isolate key data with dozens of stackable filters based on metadata, content and customizable work-product


Predictive search

Employ predictive coding on the fly without the workflow, to find similar documents across the entire data set.

Predictive search

Text analytics powered by OpenText Magellan

Analyze sentiment, people, places and organizations across data sets. Automatically categorize documents by sentiment (positive, neutral or negative) and identify named individuals, geographic places and entitles to quickly surface new layers of information for even more advanced analysis and investigation.

Text analytics powered by OpenText™ Magellen™


Phrase analysis

Search with precision
Identify key phrases within documents and create a rich conceptual map based on relationships among words. Discover terms you may have missed while including or excluding select phrases for better search results.

Search with precision and breadth by easily including or excluding two to four-word phrases across the data set



Analyze communications fast
Know who wrote to whom, from which domains, when they were sent and how often they occurred. Easily spot data sent to a personal account or an unknown third party.

Identify key facts with proprietary advanced analytics


Predictive coding

Find more with less, every time
Leverage predictive coding (technology-assisted review) based on continuous machine learning to find the relevant content in virtually any data set to speed up reviews and reduce costs.

Find the most relevant content in virtually any data set with Axcelerate’s continuous machine learning


Smart redactions

Redact patterns globally
Automatically redact sensitive data such as phone numbers, SSNs and credit cards—virtually any identifiable pattern—in individual documents or across entire data sets.

Redact automatically and easily at no additional cost


Portfolio dashboards

Prove your efficiency
Provide critical insights for caseload management and departmental analysis with a macro view into discovery operations and trends to help plan, budget and institutionalize best practices.

End of branch email

Limit review to the most inclusive emails at the end of each branch and spot any missing messages.

Concept browser

Group documents by contextual meaning to help find relevant information and see beyond code names and obfuscations.

Multilingual analytics

Enrich unstructured data with powerful analytics on a language-agnostic basis, including complex languages like CJK.

Automated machine translations

Translate languages on the fly into English over a secure, API integration with Veritone aiWARE, directly within the Axcelerate platform.

Take control

Put all matters in a single platform in a secure, scalable virtual private cloud—with unlimited analytics and total visibility. Get a demo today.