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OpenText QfinitiContact center workforce optimization software

Transform contact center backoffice and agent performance

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OpenText Qfiniti overview

See how OpenText™ Qfiniti leverages customer insights to drive engagement

OpenText™ Qfiniti is a unified, centrally managed suite of workforce optimization solutions for multichannel interaction analysis, offering real-time agent support and call center performance management capabilities. Qfiniti automatically delivers relevant, accessible and actionable customer intelligence to allow organizations to better understand customer interactions and deliver outstanding service across the globe.

Deployed on-premises or on the cloud, Qfiniti integrates with most contact center telephony systems and CcaaS vendors, such as Amazon Connect, Twilio, RingCentral and Genesys.

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OpenText Qfiniti features

  • Full call and screen recording

    Records all calls and captures screens for compliance management and quality assurance.

  • Quality performance and evaluation tools

    Offers performance assessment capabilities to identify coaching opportunities. Allows users to create and modify evaluations online with easy-to-use scoring and navigation features.

  • Real-time speech analytics

    Displays live speech transcriptions, tracks agent and caller sentiment throughout calls, creates information buffers, provides agent assist and generate call summaries.

  • Desktop analytics and agent guidance

    Measures and catalogues agent desktop workflow activity and usage patterns, allowing supervisors to assess and guide agent productivity.

  • Workforce management and scheduling

    Uses unique agent rankings, skills, seniority and availability to support scheduling,and allows users to forecast staffing requirements and accurately schedule single and multi-skilled agents.

  • Automated delivery of online coaching and training

    Automates complex training program deployment to numerous participants and/or multiple locations. Targets information to agents based on priority to guide them through self-paced eLearning.

OpenText Qfiniti benefits

  • Manage regulatory demands

    Automates PCI and HIPAA administration compliance using intelligent masking and muting with metadata attached.

  • Measure agent and customer behaviors

    Define and calibrate the interaction behaviors most relevant to their business context with flexible scoring models.

  • Maximize workforce engagement

    Streamline staffing, scheduling and training to increase retention with happier, more engaged employees.

  • Adapt with key customer insights

    Get actionable insights into customer behavior with advanced speech, call center Voice of Customer and multichannel analytics.

  • Drive continuous process optimization

    Deliver average handle time control and cost savings, while reducing customer effort, with real-time agent guidance and desktop automation.

  • Optimize performance management

    Automate scoring and reporting to maintain consistent quality measurement and fast, effective coaching.

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“OpenText Qfiniti has directly contributed to a measurable 10 percent increase in quality year-on-year.”

Steven Halfpenny, Head of Global IT Delivery, Transcom

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“We wanted to have a consistent experience at every touch point, and that’s where Qfiniti has been able to help us with that focus.”

Ricardo Weld, Director, Performance Support Service, HSN

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“It’s great to have a partner who’s right there to help us innovate. And help us not worry about the technology, but how do we put the customer in the middle and really build the experience for them going forward.”

Tracey Strassner, Senior Director of Technology Planning & Operations

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    Learn the features of speech analytics and how they can improve customer experience, employee engagement and compliance.

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    Discover how workforce software can help manage risks and compliance needs.

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