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OpenText Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions

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Is your company ready for rich media? Is your business ready to capture the next business opportunity with media syndication? Is your content supply chain transparent to the relevant business processes?

As Web 2.0 turns mainstream, it places rich media on a fast track to become the preferred format for capturing and delivering the brand assets and messages of companies, portfolios, products, and services. In some case, rich media is the product or service being offered.

To transform your organisation into an Enterprise 2.0 organisation and to truly gain business benefits from the transformation requires an Enterprise 2.0 strategy that clearly integrates with your business operations.


  • Control and automate fulfillment and syndication end to end
  • Deliver efficiencies to the content value chain
  • Secure the complete asset life cycle
  • Be ready for rich media
  • Support comprehensive information standards with extensive metadata
  • Built on open and standardised principles

With OpenText Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions (sold by SAP as SAP Digital Asset Management by OpenText), you will be able to integrate your content supply chain with your business processes. Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions enables you to find, manage, and distribute your digital assets, make your content supply chain transparent, and maintain control of your digital assets - all in context of your business processes.

Digital Asset Management in Marketing

Chief Marketing Officers are challenged with a fundamental change in the environment in which they do business and are facing a new kind of customer: Today's customers are socially networked, well informed, and empowered by the ability to interact directly with peers not tied to any particular profile, channel, or time zone.

To reach these customers, marketing organisations need to approach customer relationship management (CRM) in a dramatically different way that ensures brand sustainability and growth and drives customer loyalty while maximizing marketing return on investment (MROI).

Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions enables effective global marketing by allowing the entire organisation to share and repurpose assets, while complementing marketing resource management (MRM) systems to streamline overall marketing operations. Together, Digital Asset Management and MRM provide the tools necessary to manage costs and increase the effectiveness and performance of marketing programs.

Digital Asset Management in Communications, Media, and Entertainment

Digital convergence is occurring at an ever-faster pace and putting pressure on the publishing and CME (communication, media, and entertainment) industries. Distribution channels and media are no longer in one-to-one or one-to-many relationships and also are no longer one-way, instead it is all open and multi-directional.

Business agility is vital and requires a flexible and comprehensive environment that optimises production, management ,and distribution to drive monetisation of digital media assets. Digital Asset Management allows Media organisations to oversee asset usage workflows, gain insights to monetisation potential, and drive business innovation that delivers differentiated media products.