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RightFax Benefits

Faxing has a long history as a trusted and secure form of communication and document exchange. It is deeply rooted in many business processes and workflows all around the world. When organisations want to make faxing operations an efficient part of their business, they turn to RightFax to boost efficiency and productivity by increasing the speed of transmitting, routing, and processing faxed documents.

Increase the Speed of Doing Business

  • Integrate fax documents with the business applications that are most important to your business, making it easier to exchange information more quickly
  • Better control over fax and business processes
  • Turn static, paper documents into dynamic, smart content as part of an electronic workflow
  • Shorten business cycles by delivering quotes, invoices, and purchase orders automatically and instantly

Get Rid of Fax Machines Forever

  • Increase productivity by sending, receiving, and managing faxes electronically, without ever touching a fax machine again
  • Integrate with any email application to manage fax traffic as easily as managing emails
  • Eliminate the cost of fax machines, paper, toner, analogue phone lines, and the frustrations that go along with them
  • Integrate with MFP devices to fax paper documents any time you need to

Keep Content Private and Secure

  • RightFax helps maintain compliance with regulations around the world to keep protected information private
  • Meet growing regulatory compliance requirements regarding protected information and establish defensible governance policies
  • Point-to-point fax transmissions are immune to viruses and malware attacks
  • Protect content with restricted access to any and all fax transmissions