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OpenText Freeway Cloud

Recommended for most SMBs, OpenText Freeway Cloud is a comprehensive, hosted cloud-based EDI solution that encompasses all the likely B2B requirements in any business today, and any new requirements in the future.

Watch the OpenText Freeway Cloud demo

Fast setup and ramp up

Get connected in less than an hour and have our migration team perform set-up, testing and training within a week, depending on complexity. The simple Windows-based interface enables new users to begin using Freeway quickly, even without prior knowledge or experience in EDI.

Powerful any-to-any connection

Electronically exchange any message type using the leading EDI standards such as ANSI, XML, EDIFACT, Tradacom and AS2, AS3 and communications protocols including IP, FTP, SFTP, with your smallest to your largest trading partners.

Streamline processes with back-office integration

Avoid time-consuming, error-prone manual intervention with a custom integration with over 200 major business applications – such as SAGE® Accounting, SAP® and Microsoft® Dynamics ERP.

Increase visibility and error reporting

Keep your business running smoothly with Freeway Cloud’s intuitive web interface that enhances visibility over your business processes. A traffic light system gives you an at-a-glance status check of your batch and documents. Easily validate documents to ensure that errors are identified and reprocessed quickly. Smart alert functionality further improves your status management.

Multi-user support

Share the workload and set-up a system of efficient business processes. Freeway Cloud supports up to 10 users simultaneously

Consistent support team

Our technical support staff is available to you and can usually solve issues without any impact on system performance. Remote management functionality allows support staff access without the need of a site visit or lengthy support calls.

Future-proof your B2B communications

Always have the latest features and capabilities with cloud updates without the time and expense involved in upgrading your internal systems