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Freeway Benefits for SMBs

Get up and running in no time with a fast installation and intuitive user experience, OpenText™ Freeway range of products is easy to use without prior knowledge of EDI or specialised IT training.

Using OpenText, we’re now handling 92 percent of our invoices electronically through EDI, massively reducing the workload for manual data entry.

Andy Hextall, Head of IT, National Merchant Buying Society

Whether you are looking to meet a mandate from your larger trading partners or looking to streamline your business processes, OpenText™ Freeway Cloud, OpenText™ Freeway Professional and OpenText™ Freeway Entry offer an affordable solution to EDI connectivity.

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Affordable solution with immediate benefits

OpenText Freeway is a highly affordable solution to EDI connectivity with unbeatable functionality. Gain substantial and immediate business benefits including reduced printing/postage costs, improved customer service, the ability to secure new customers locally and abroad and better visibility on payment dates.

Become a preferred supplier

Large customers and suppliers increasingly prefer - or even mandate - EDI connectivity. Quickly meet their requirements and make it easy for them to work with you, while improving your customer service and increasing your competitive advantage.

Flexibility to grow

Gain a flexible and scalable EDI solution that will seamlessly accommodate an increasing number of orders and transactions to help your business grow. The Freeway platform can also easily accommodate future partners both locally and abroad while meeting new customer mandates as you grow your network. 

Streamline efficiency with back-office integration

Improve your business efficiency by reducing manual processes and integrating to over 200 back-office systems.. Enter orders, allocate SKUs and raise or dispatch ASNs automatically, avoiding time-consuming, error-prone manual intervention. Integration is available for all Freeway editions except for OpenText Freeway Entry.