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OpenText Magellan Integration Center

Integrate and migrate data seamlessly across the enterprise

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OpenText Magellan Integration Center overview

OpenText™ Magellan™ Integration Center offers the data integration capabilities neccesary to exchange data between all systems in an organization's IT environments and provides a basis for analyzing all enterprise information. With Magellan Integration Center, companies can access and consolidate disparate data and systems to feed data warehouses, operational data stores and analytic applications alongside corporate content repositories and new Web 2.0 technologies.

What is Integration Software?

Integration software, also known as ETL software (Extract, Transform and Load), consolidates and interprets information from across the organization to deliver business value. Organizations can interpret and integrate all data sources, whether structured or unstructured and in various formats and software applications, to create a single source of truth that is more meaningful in analyzing and realizing the true value of people,
processes and information.

Magellan Integration Center features

  • Extensive connectivity

    Offers a range of connectors to OpenText and third-party repositories for access to systems, such as ERP, CRM, ECM, custom applications and archiving systems, including OpenText™ InfoArchive.

  • Advanced data extraction

    Uses simple to complex business logic to extract both structured and unstructured objects from business systems so enterprises can understand, manipulate and transport them.

  • Transformation support

    Transforms structured or unstructured data as content is in motion or at rest. The drag & drop interface enables transformation in source systems or when integrated between applications or processes.

  • Scalability and robustness

    Integrates with NiFi to allow access to additional data sources through NiFi's wide list of processors and enables the launch and control of NiFi workflows.

  • Ease of implementation and security

    Provides Track Changes, Impact Analysis and Auto Documentation features to enable easy integration project implementation and management. The OpenText Directory Services (OTDS) integration grants user control and security.

  • Automation and monitoring

    Initiates processes based on pre-determined schedules or events and provides process monitoring, full history and audit-trail reporting.

Magellan Integration Center benefits

  • Accelerated time to market

    Enable agile business models with the capacity to quickly adapt to changing business processes.

  • Streamlined business operations and productivity

    Facilitate information transparency for all participants in business processes.

  • Improved information consistency

    Enable a “single version of truth” presented in business context.

Magellan Integration Center applications

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