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AI-powered Voice of the Customer

Improve customer and citizen experiences to decrease churn, improve satisfaction and increase revenue with AI-powered Voice of the Customer

Canadian Government promotes transparency and gains insight with AI-powered Voice of the Customer

What is AI-powered Voice of the Customer?

AI-powered Voice of the Customer (VoC) leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to efficiently bring customer and citizen insights from all channels directly to the organization. It provides a complete, yet granular, view of public sentiment and emotion to improve experiences, increase revenue and drive community engagement.

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Why AI-powered Voice of the Customer?

  • Disparate factors shape customer sentiment

    Tracking the triggers that influence customer opinions about brands, products or topics across various touchpoints is challenging. AI automates the extraction of insight and feedback to form a single, unified view of sentiment. This holistic view can improve product feature sets and customer experiences, lowering customer churn by up to 15 percent and increasing offer win rates by up to 40 percent.1

  • Lack of personalization leads to customer loss

    As many as 32 percent of consumers say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience.2 AI analyzes feedback, assigns an emotional tone and unlocks sentiment drivers for each mention to inform product or experience improvements.

  • Aggregating data pools strain resources

    Organizations need to rapidly make sense of feedback to develop strategies that effectively engage customers and citizens, without tediously sifting through individual mentions. AI quickly aggregates feedback from structured and unstructured sources, including surveys, to analyze the full range of opinions and guide the right actions at the right time.

  • Illustration of statistics about the consequences for companies not focused on providing exceptional customer experiences.
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Solution overview

AI-powered Voice of the Customer from OpenText™ Magellan™ features deep, yet granular, customer analytics that help increase revenue through better customer acquisition, increased satisfaction and improved retention. For public sector organizations, it uncovers citizens’ concerns and challenges so government agencies can improve policies and programs. It combines open source machine learning and powerful text mining capable of analyzing sentiment and emotion, such as anticipation, anger, distrust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise and trust, with advanced analytics, enterprise-grade BI and capabilities to acquire, merge, manage and analyze big data and big content, including content from web sources or enterprise information management systems.

AI-powered Voice of the Customer from OpenText Magellan at work

A global consumer goods producer needed to improve the process of tracking customers through the buying journey. The tool it was using gave only a partial view of customer sentiment because of analytical limitations.

By implementing AI-augmented Voice of the Customer from OpenText™ Magellan™, the company can now seamlessly integrate customer insights from data across its systems, including unstructured sources such as social media and customer surveys. The solution understands the brand’s distinct lexicon, extracts concepts from documents and uses this understanding to recognize sentiment and capture brand-related concepts. These insights help the company improve experience, customer engagement and satisfaction.

Featured components

AI-powered Voice of the Customer from OpenText is based on select components of OpenText™ Magellan™, a flexible AI data analytics platform, and OpenText™ Professional Services:

OpenText Professional Services:
Al & Analytics Services

The OpenText™ Magellan™ Professional Services team includes data scientists and experts on application machine learning, text mining and algorithms in data analytics scenarios.

They have a deep expertise with Magellan and analytics technologies and are experienced working with organizations across many industries to glean insight from their data.

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