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Business intelligence and data analytics software

OpenText Analytics leverages a comprehensive set of data analytics software to identify patterns, relationships and trends through data visualizations and interactive dashboards

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What is data analytics?

Data is the most abundant and precious resource in an enterprise. It comes in all forms and is complex to merge, relate and analyze. Data analytics extract meaning from that data for business gain or productivity, often sharing those insights through analytics dashboards or analytics reports.

With organizations generating billions of terabytes of data a year, big data analytics techniques are the only way to understand and uncover value from today’s scale of data.

The best big data analytics tools must be able to process large volumes of data stored in enterprise information management systems. They go further than reporting on historic performance, enabling companies to prescribe better actions through predictive analytics. These data analysis tools are often referred to as advanced analytics solutions, such as OpenText™ Magellan Analytics Suite, and are quickly becoming the preferred choice for enterprise analytics.

Data analytics software overview

To succeed in today’s marketplace, organizations must empower users with interactive dashboards and reports, actionable alerts and smart data discovery on an enterprise-grade analytics platform that enables smarter decisions, faster operations and better performance.

OpenText AI & Analytics offers a comprehensive set of analytics software for any organizational need.

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Data analytics software features

  • Data visualization tools

    Enable business users with a dashboard designer to build interactive, visually compelling, and customized dashboards with capabilities, such as smart visualizations, auto-fit, drill-downs, filter, group and the ability to build new calculated columns to explore data on their own.

  • Self-service analytics

    Use self-service analytics and smart data discovery features capable of recommending visualization options based on the data selected. Enable users to explore data freely in the data discovery tool, while still governing secure, scalable access to enterprise data.

  • Advanced analytics solutions

    Leverage integrated, pre-built advanced analytics against massive amounts of structured data, then share and socialize your findings through big data analytics reports.

  • Customized analytics designer

    Empower developers with a graphical, drag-and-drop dashboard designer and IDE to create interactive applications, dashboards and actionable business reports including Java™ and JavaScript™ scripting capabilities to extend built-in design features.

  • AI-augmented data analytics

    Transform with AI by upgrading to Magellan, augmenting Analytics with powerful open source-based machine learning. Magellan specializes in analyzing complex diverse and highly voluminous data in a pre-built platform.

  • Flexible deployment options

    Choose from cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployment options and take advantage of the flexibility, extensibility and diversity of an open product stack while maintaining full ownership of data and algorithms.

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What are the benefits of data analytics software?

  • Improve visibility and decisions

    Make better, more timely decisions with easy-to-understand, interactive dashboards, reports and data visualizations that offer business users self-service analytics capabilities that draw on enterprise analytics-level security, scalability and data integrity.

  • Identify new business opportunities

    Spot and take advantage of new opportunities and markets by uncovering patterns and trends in your data to predict future behaviors and likely outcomes using big data discovery and predictive analytics software.

  • Optimize campaigns and operations

    Streamline processes and improve business performance by monitoring key metrics in real time, identifying variances, issues and opportunities with alerts, and taking action on insights through business intelligence and analytics.

  • Improve the customer experience

    Add compelling, interactive data visualizations to customer-facing applications that provide superior experiences for your users and increase loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Accelerate time to market

    Build and adapt reusable infrastructure components and analytics content from a modular, low-code deployment platform when creating and deploying new BI applications.

Data analytics solutions

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