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SAP and OpenText

Maximise the Potential of Your Digital Information

Future business will be digital business and become the new norm for business operations. Information is at the heart of this digital transformation. 

SAP is known as the market leader in enterprise application software, to help companies of all sizes and industries run better. OpenText is established leader in managing unstructured information in context of business processes in a SAP environment.

For more than two decades, SAP and OpenText have combined strengths in a strategic partnership of co-development and cooperation that is characterised by growth, tangible customer value and thought leadership.  Run Better Together!

Joint Portfolio - SAP Solution Extensions by OpenText

2013 SAP Content Management for Microsoft SharePoint by OpenText
2012 SAP Document Presentment by OpenText add‐on for business-correspondence
2011 SAP Portal Content Management by OpenText
SAP Portal Site Management by OpenText
SAP Travel Receipts Management by OpenText
Optical Character Recognition Option for SAP Travel Receipts Management
2010 SAP Document Presentment by OpenText
SAP Employee File Management
SAP Digital Asset Management by OpenText
2009 SAP Extended ECM by OpenText
2008 SAP Invoice Management by OpenText
Optical Character Recognition Option for SAP Invoice Management
2007 SAP Document Access by Open Text
SAP Archiving by OpenText

SAP Pinnacle Awards 2018 Winner

SAP Pinnacle Award

OpenText is proud to be recognized by SAP® with two Pinnacle Awards: Solution Extension Partner and Database and Data Management Partner of the year. It is the 10th consecutive year we’ve won the Solution Extension award; winning two awards this year is remarkable. SAP presents these awards to top partners who excel in partnering with SAP and helping customers run better.

OpenText has been named the SAP Hybris Global ISV Partner of the Year 2015 and for the second year in a row – read the full story here.

OpenText Suite for SAP 16

Provides a better way to work, whether on-premises, cloud or hybrid.