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Extend, customize and embed OpenText to any application

Whether embedding industry-leading technologies or implementing pre-built, proven solutions, integrating OpenText™ increases the value of your offering while at the same time allowing your product development and engineering teams to concentrate on the core capabilities of your solution.

Why build it yourself? Your products and applications become more effective and useful when you embed the features that your customers need. OpenText enables OEM and BPO partners to:

  • Increase product sales revenue
  • Decrease time to market
  • Lower operational costs - build vs buy

Analytics Suite

Instead of spending development time and resources coding business intelligence features from scratch, embed OpenText Analytics Suite to quickly add enterprise-grade, scalable and highly interactive Analytics to your products and solutions. Enable users of your products to create and share dashboards, reports and visualizations that provide insight to data and processes managed by your solution. OpenText Analytics Suite includes powerful integration APIs, including REST and JavaScript, that make it easy for you to embed analysis features into your applications running on any platform, and on any device.

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Processing high volumes of incoming paper and electronic documents requires a broad set of capture capabilities. OpenText technologies provide OEM and BPOs the ability to build capture directly into your own business systems or leverage existing capture platforms to expand business and increase profitability.

  • Scanner Drivers & Image Capture Tools – Leverage industry standard scanner driver technologies, reduce development costs, and accelerate the creation of document imaging applications.
  • Distributed Capture Technologies - Enable software developers to add distributed and mobile capture capabilities.
  • Advanced Recognition Technologies – Automate document recognition and text extraction with industry-leading classification and data extraction technologies.
  • Enterprise Capture - Empower BPOs to quickly build shared services or mailroom capture applications to fit the most demanding requirements

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Content Management

Provide integrated access to documents necessary to processes in a manner that is fully integrated into your software. Control and archive unstructured data in a manner consistent with how your customers use the software. Extract data from documents for use in your application.

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