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OpenText Discovery 16

Move through eDiscovery, investigations and compliance processes with efficiency and speed to find the information that matters using advanced analytics, AI and automation

What’s new in OpenText Legal Tech

OpenText Discovery 16 provides end-to-end technology for eDiscovery, forensic data collection, contract analysis and knowledge management. Using powerful machine learning, unstructured data analytics and automation, legal teams can manage, search, analyze and produce critical information for discovery, investigations and compliance.

What’s new in OpenText Discovery 16 EP7?

Enhanced OpenText EnCase eDiscovery templates

  • Enables administrators to quickly copy criteria and workflows from existing cases to reduce new project creation time by more than 75%
  • Allows users to standardize methodology across similar matters with just a few clicks to promote consistency and adhere to standards

OpenText Axcelerate sentiment analysis of unstructured content

  • Adds categorization of documents according to positive, neutral or negative sentiment
  • Identifies named individuals and geographic places
  • Integrates OpenText Magellan sentiment analysis and entity extraction into Axcelerate Smart Filters

OpenText Axcelerate automated machine translation

  • Enables secure, automated machine translations on the fly during document review
  • Allows users to push data requiring translation directly from OpenText Axcelerate to Veritone and back to Axcelerate for review with true, cloud-to-cloud API
  • Uses new Smart Filters to isolate foreign language documents and “kicks off” new translation jobs with one click
  • Transfers extracted text only, never native files, over a secured API

Improved OpenText Decisiv search

  • Reinvents the OpenText Decisiv Search user experience with consumer-grade UI
  • Emphasizes an intuitive single search bar and updates robust Smart Filters in the OpenText design language, complete with a mobile-responsive layout
  • Merges traditional keyword and Boolean logic with machine learning for more accurate results

Advanced find in OpenText eDOCS

  • Integrates OpenText eDOCS with OpenText MindServer, an AI-powered search engine add-on with quick and automatic search models to find the most relevant information, including related matters and authors
  • Securely crawls and indexes information in eDOCS to save legal teams time while gaining more complete case, project and client knowledge

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