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OpenText AppWorks 16

Gain speed, increase agility and accelerate time to value with rapid low-code application development, intelligent process automation and context-rich decision-making

Organizations need to quickly gain control of key processes, improve customer and constituent experiences, reduce employee workloads and manage compliance and risk. OpenText AppWorks provides a single platform for process automation, case management and low-code application development to automate complex business processes, enable better decision making and improve customer experiences.

AppWorks streamlines processes with intelligent automation and connects valuable enterprise information no matter where it resides. It creates new opportunities to re-engineer processes around customer needs, automate for efficiency and enrich and improve decision-making throughout the process. The low-code development platform enables users to rapidly build process-driven, content-rich applications to accelerate time to value and use actionable analytics to gain insight to optimize processes, drive innovation and deliver results.

What is new in AppWorks 16 EP5?

  • Gain speed with low-code application development

    Users can speed the development of case and process-driven applications with low-code, reusable building blocks to build and deploy solutions more easily. Once deployed, users can gain insight into the effectiveness of their business processes with analytics, reports and dashboards. AppWorks now also provides additional granular controls that provide more flexibility in developing intuitive end-user experiences. New features, such as eSignature support and activity chaining, increase automation and speed the development of compliant and process-rich applications.

    Harness powerful EIM integrations

    Organizations can leverage a common information layer to make information from all systems of record accessible to digital process automation applications. Deeper integration with OpenText Documentum provides simplified content linking and uploading, along with advanced metadata administration options. Through enhanced integrations with OpenText Extended ECM, users can view emails and associated attachments in native email clients using the Extended ECM Business Workspace.

    Deliver streamlined, intuitive user experiences

    AppWorks enables a richer, end-user experience with improved filtering criteria for entities, additional display configurations and form controls. Also, preview the next generation AppWorks end-user experience built with a "mobile first" approach.

  • Accelerate business impact with purpose-built applications

    Organizations can quickly address specific business challenges with intelligent and content-rich cloud applications, built with OpenText AppWorks, while enhancing and extending existing EIM investments.

    OpenText Contract Center transforms contract management from siloed document workflows to intelligent and connected work processes. It now integrates with OpenText Extended ECM in addition to other repositories and enables organizations to centralize contracts, enforce contract language and standardization, automate contract processes and manage risk using analytics.

    OpenText People Center gives HR the ability to improve employee self-service and respond more easily to employee inquiries, as well as quickly access necessary documents and gain visibility into key measurements and indicators. People Center now integrates with Extended ECM to deliver enterprise-class records management and showcases a completely re-designed employee self-service experience with seamless help topic integration.

    OpenText Quality automates the responses to nonconformance & corrective and preventive action (CAPA) events while ensuring associated, controlled documents stored in Documentum are updated or referenced. This enables Life Sciences organizations to extend quality management capabilities of their existing Documentum investment allowing holistic management of quality processes.

    OpenText Legal Center brings a cloud-based, process-centric approach to addressing specialized legal use cases like client onboarding, external sharing & collaboration, and document management.

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