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OpenText Cloud Editions (CE)

Cloud-native software that can run anywhere

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What are Cloud Editions (CE)?

OpenText™ Cloud Editions (CE) are cloud-native to accelerate innovation and simplify application management. New features, use-cases and enhancements are delivered quarterly to offer the best customer, partner and employee experiences possible.

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OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) benefits

  • Deploy and run anywhere

    Implement on-premises, in a hybrid environment or in preferred clouds, such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Microsoft Azure or the OpenText Cloud.

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

    Spend less time and money managing, updating and integrating applications while also reducing risk and improving security.

  • Reduce IT dependency

    Use Docker containers and Kubernetes for automated deployment, dynamic scaling, high availability and simplified management in any environment.

  • Customize with confidence

    Isolate custom changes to minimize the effort involved in syncing with future updates.

  • Improve application portability

    Experience ultimate application portability, moving between environments faster and easier, whether testing new capabilities or migrating production environments.

  • Meet regulatory requirements

    Reduce organizational risk with regular security and process enhancements to stay current with regulatory and compliance requirements.


Upgrade to Cloud Editions (CE)

Contact Professional Services today to discuss how to get a bigger return on investment, increase adoption, and achieve business goals with Cloud Editions (CE).

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OpenText Cloud

Learn about new products and features that will delight users and solve today’s business problems.

  • Content

    Connect content, people and process to get more productivity, collaboration, governance and compliance.

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  • Business Network

    Build adaptive, sustainable and compliant trading networks by connecting any business, person, system or thing.

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  • Experience

    Improve customer interactions by managing the compelling content that powers personalized omnichannel experiences.

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  • Security & Protection

    Provide multiple layers of defense to detect, protect against, forensically investigate and remediate security threats.

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  • Developer

    Use cloud API services to reduce development costs and improve time-to-market with faster ways to build.

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