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Retail solutions

Optimize operations, improve brand awareness and boost customer engagement and loyalty with OpenText Retail solutions

Today's challenges

Retail organizations face a number of challenges that can hinder success.

Data everywhere

Huge volumes of customer and organizational data stored within information silos limit sales and marketing effectiveness.

The need for insight

Retailers are challenged to act on collected data, wanting to better identify patterns and trends to improve brand awareness and execute faster and smarter.

Rapidly changing customer preferences

Customers want personalized experiences, requiring brands to have behavioral intelligence at their fingertips.

Lack of visibility

Creating loyal customers requires knowing where individuals want to shop and understanding brand touchpoints across all buying channels.

Customer success stories

OpenText Retail solutions benefits

As retail collides with adjacent consumer-focused sectors, the industry continues to undergo constant disruption. However, amid the disruption, one thing remains consistent: Consumers are becoming more powerful, with expectations of having it all.

Deloitte, 2019 Retail Industry Outlook

OpenText Retail solutions

Leverage AI to optimize and automate retail

OpenText Magellan

Deliver personalized, connected customer experiences

OpenText TeamSite

Drive sales with targeted offers based on customer insight

Intelligent Recommendations from OpenText

Leverage customer interaction analytics to drive sales

OpenText Explore

Gain superior customer and business insights with data exploration and analysis

OpenText Magellan Analytics suite

Maximize customer lifetime value with ultra-personalized communications

OpenText Exstream

Seamlessly produce, publish and distribute digital media and content

OpenText Media Management

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