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Consumer Goods solutions

Boost customer loyalty, create engaging experiences, optimize supply chain processes and anticipate market demand with OpenText Consumer Goods solutions


Today's challenges

Consumer Goods companies, including those involved with food and beverage production, packaged goods, clothing and electronics, face a number of challenges.

Grabbing, and keeping, consumers’ attention

Companies must leverage technology and produce quality content to boost customer engagement and better anticipate and influence consumers’ path to purchase.

Fluctuating inventory demands

A lack of visibility into future demand and poor inventory management can drive up costs and hinder customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Getting personal with buyers

Consumers are more educated than ever about their buying options, driving the need for relevant, connected experiences and more localized and customized products.

The need for supply chain agility

Consumers’ expectations for faster fulfillment requires improved supply-chain processes, from materials procurement through responses to consumer feedback.

Customer success stories

OpenText Consumer Goods solutions benefits

In the past, [consumer products] companies haven’t generally been associated with being at the forefront of implementation of cutting-edge technology. But as a growing number of consumers research, purchase, and engage with brands digitally, it will likely become imperative for CP companies to adopt newer technologies—or risk being outdated.

Deloitte, 2019 Consumer Products Industry Outlook

OpenText Consumer Goods solutions

Get visibility and insight into business performance

OpenText IoT Platform

Digitize supply chains to facilitate collaboration and speed time to market

OpenText Business Network

Enable data-driven decisions to accelerate productivity

OpenText Magellan

Drive customer loyalty with insight

OpenText Magellan Voice of the Customer

Build closer customer relationships with intelligent experiences

OpenText Experience

Easily create, manage and deliver digital media and content

OpenText Media Management

Produce marketing assets faster by streamlining creative reviews

OpenText Hightail

Create exceptional and personalized customer experiences

OpenText Web Experience Management

Safeguard external digital data

Read the IDG report to learn how to secure the digital supply chain’s people, systems and things with identity and access management.

Read the report

IDG report External Digital Data: Essential for Business, a Challenge to Safeguard

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