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Cloud for Government Benefit from government data security and workflow automation

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Cloud for Government overview

Cloud for Government from OpenText™ transforms Public Sector missions with government workflow automation, data security and enterprise content management. The solution combines content capture, storage and document organization with archiving, records management and imaging on a FedRAMP-compliant platform. The included OpenText Application Accelerator quickly builds case-management applications.

Why Cloud for Government?

  • Paper-based processes still dominate

    Eliminate the expense and waste of paper while improving processes and responsiveness by digitizing government documents. Leverage pre-defined attributes and automatic document classification to boost efficiency.

  • Records management is fragmented

    Enable secure storage of electronic documents through the entire lifecycle, from digitization to destruction, that complies with government standards. Track actions with audit trails and workflow history to improve transparency and compliance.

  • Legacy IT thwarts innovation

    Modernize business processes to enhance collaboration internally and with external stakeholders. Simplify security with a cloud-based government content management system featuring FedRAMP certification.


OpenText’s partnerships underscore its commitment to delivering on the customer’s choice of cloud platform.

Industry use case



A U.S. agency providing health services to the military needed to streamline disability processes for veterans. Manual data entry caused inaccuracies and delays.

With case management and reporting the agency captures all necessary information, accelerating the approval process and improving decision making.


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