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Business Transformation

Leverage the power of enterprise information and transform your business with Information Governance.

Why Implement An Information Governance Strategy?

According to Forrester the amount of data in organisations is soaring. The average enterprise maintains more than 3,200 TB of data storage. This equates to a 45% growth in the volumes of both structured and unstructured data held by companies over the past two years1.

In the face of growing volumes of data there is a strong need for programmes to help transform organisations to benefit from the better management of their information.  Those businesses who have implemented Information Governance and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are realising the opportunities ECM gives them to drive business transformation efficiently and successfully.

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What can Information Governance do for your business?

Some of the world’s top brands discuss the returns they’ve seen, from leveraging the full value of their information to minimising risk, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance, in the following report:

Is ECM Just a Cost of Doing Business? Why Leading Organisations Say “No.”

Customer Stories

See how one OpenText customer put Information Governance to work—and check out more customer stories below!


“The possibilities are endless for us to build greater value for the business from our relationship with OpenText.”

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The City of Calgary

“What is exciting to us about Content Suite is the flexibility to take the toolkit that OpenText provides and pull out the different pieces that are going to suit those business cases.”

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NuStar Energy

“Having all email in one location, being able to search in one place and put a legal hold in one location instead of potentially seven or eight, is huge for us... It’s all managed by OpenText.”

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Information Governance Overview

Information Governance is Good Business

Information governance is about managing and protecting your information to make sure it’s working for—not against—your organisation.

Information Governance overview

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Enterprise Content Management

Discover how and Enterprise Content Management solution can help with your Information Governance needs.

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Maximize value with information governance and ECM

Maximise Value

Get the most value from your information by making sure it is easy to find, efficiently managed, and everywhere you need it to be

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GDPR Basics eBook

InfoGov Basics

Visit Information Governance Basics for useful information on how to implement your Information Governance strategy.

Information Governance and EIM

OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions will help you to manage your Information Governance needs.

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