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Don't drown in too much enterprise information. Take control of your digital data with Information Governance

The cost of information management

While Information can be a valuable business asset it doesn’t always mean that more of it is better. In fact, too much information can be a liability for many organisations, increasing risks for high-cost maintenance and non-compliance. An excess of information can also make it hard to find the right content to drive smarter business decisions.

Information Governance - Information working for you

The volumes of structured and unstructured information and content within organisations today is growing exponentially. An understanding of what this information is and how it can be categorized can ensure that organisations keep and utilize high-value information and defensibly delete transient, low-value information.

This is of particular importance to key decision makers and leaders within any organisation as it allows them to drive operational efficiencies by ensuring that critical information is available, utilized in key business processes, and transparently managed to reduce infrastructure costs.

Leading organisations today are implementing Information Governance programmes to manage this explosion of enterprise information. This allows them to be able to capture what they need and get rid of what they don’t, minimising the risks of “smoking guns” and reducing the costs of managing unnecessary data.

In addition, robust Information Governance solutions can also be implemented both in the cloud or on site premises. There is even an option to deploy a mixture of the two to ensure easy implementation and guarantee access to information from any platform.

Discover the steps to better information management in Kahn Consulting’s white paper:

"7 Essential Steps for Taking Control of Digital Data Debris."

You’ll learn:

  • The 7 steps that will help you build your Information Governance strategy
  • The issues and hurdles facing organisations today
  • The top benefits of defensible disposition—and how Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions can help you get there

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Ensure Organizational Compliance with Information Governance

Ensure Compliance

Manage and secure your assets through consistent, easy policy application and compliance with regulation.

Ensure Compliance with InfoGov

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