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Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Handling regulatory compliance with Information Governance gains organisations a competitive edge

Compliance is becoming an issue for businesses

As regulatory reform evolves globally, organisations are increasingly facing the complexity of adhering to tens of thousands of regulations, which can significantly slow operations and affect productivity. In such situations ensuring compliance is best achieved by alleviating regulatory red tape and complexity with automation that allows compliance to be easy for employees.

Compliance made easy with Information Governance

The most successful Information Governance programmes work in the background, seemlessly integrating with operational processes and enabling employees to work without disruption, whilst consistently delivering compliance to internal organisational policies and external regulations.

Information Governance Video Webinar

Forrester analyst Cheryl McKinnon and OpenText Product Marketing Director Liz Kofsky discuss the findings from Forrester’s latest research in records management, information governance, enterprise content management (ECM) and archiving trends.

Hear expert insights on the current state of information management and get insights into how the upward trend in regulations is just one hurdle facing enterprises today.

Don’t miss the chance to learn:

  • Where to start your information governance programme and how to get to successful information management
  • How to overcome the top information governance challenges facing organisations
  • The latest trends in investment priorities and technology adoption

Featured Speakers

Cheryl McKinnon Cheryl McKinnon
Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc.

Liz Kofsky Liz Kofsky
Product Marketing Director, OpenText

Transparent Information Governance webinar series, 5 Top Trends in Information Governance

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