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Is your automotive supply chain ready for the digital age?

“75% of automotive companies achieved improved productivity benefits from using big data analytics.”

Within the automotive industry, digital disruption is simply a part of its daily operations. In the face of these challenges, companies must embrace the new digital technologies— technologies that are radically changing every aspect of business operations. Cloud applications, B2B networks, mobility, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are becoming core technologies, while 3D Printing, drones, robotics, wearable devices and machine learning are rapidly reaching wide scale adoption.

OpenText™ and IDC surveyed supply chain executives across the global automotive industry to identify how advanced companies are in digitally transforming and optimizing their supply chains—and the key benefits achieved.

Download your copy of the IDC report, Digital transformation drives the automotive supply chain imperative, to gain insights from peers and expert advice on supply chain transformation in the automotive industry.

The research covers:

  • Key drivers and challenges of digital transformation across the supply chain
  • Emerging technologies enabling transformation
  • The impact of digital transformation on IT and supply chain operations
  • Ways to prepare for digital transformation.

Read the report to learn more AND receive access to two on-demand webinars detailing in-depth, additional cross-industry report results.

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Digital transformation drives the automotive supply chain imperative

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Digital transformation drives the automotive supply chain imperative

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