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Digital Transformation

Are You Struggling with Content Chaos?

According to McKinsey & Company, employees spend 1.5 hours a day–almost 20% of their work week on average–searching for documents. Only 21% find what they are looking for and this occurs 85–100% of the time.

The inability to quickly access content negatively impacts business decisions, hinders productivity and increases the organization’s exposure to compliance risk. Because of this, document management systems need to evolve to meet today’s challenges, integrating content into a single repository where information flows across the organization and its processes to fuel improved insights and decisions.

Whatever information challenge you face, you can overcome it. Read the ECM Is Not Doomed to Fail article to learn how you can enable ECM to reach its potential as a foundation for information governance and driver of business value.

Then watch our customer video to see how Lewis Rice, a top U.S. national law firm with over 200 lawyers, leverages ECM solution from OpenText™ to effectively manage critical business information and operations.

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ECM is not doomed to fail