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Digital Transformation

Flexible and Intuitive Content Management

Enterprise content management solutions are purpose built to ensure your work product is securely managed and governed throughout its lifecycle–to prevent theft, loss, and reduce your exposure to risk. But, if users don’t use the system– it’s a moot point. Effective ECM solutions must also be intuitive and tasks must blend seamlessly into the user’s work routine. The system’s look and feel should encourage, rather than inhibit, initial user adoption, and should also promote continuous use in order for organizations to derive the greatest strategic value from the system.

OpenText™ eDOCS is highly ranked among the top ECM vendors in terms of user adoption. You can easily customize and tailor the system to “work the way you do” – whether you’re a user or an administrator. In addition, customers can start with the basics of document and email management, then tailor and extend their solution over time by adding any number of capabilities based on their unique information management needs and digital strategy.

Read the Hyperion report "Conquering the Challenges of User Adoption in ECM" to learn about the primary obstacles to ECM user adoption and key factors for success.

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Conquering the Challenges of User Adoption in ECM

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