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Library of Parliament

The Library of Parliament Streamlines Research Services Using OpenText ECM Suite

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Implementing OpenText Content Server and Workflow to manage the creation of research documents from initiation and authoring, through to publishing and delivery. 

We've automated what used to be a manual process to something that is now completely automated. It gives us visibility to every piece of work in the library, every document that's created. It also provides us with metrics, so managers now have insight and can track where everything is. They can easily see bottlenecks and can easily adjust them.

Ken Cameron, Director of IT at The Library of Parliament of Canada


  • Disparate systems created a duplication of effort and information
  • Needed to implement a solution to replace paper forms and static logs for tracking workload
  • Wanted to automate standard work processes
  • Keep parliamentarians informed and up to date, and deliver news on demand



  • Workflows manage the creation of research documents and publications from authoring through publication
  • Records management manages the lifecycle of research information
  • Preserves Parliament's documentary heritage and ensure access to collections.

About Library of Parliament

The Library of Parliament is the main information repository and research resource for the Parliament of Canada. The Library supports legislators and committees with the information they need to examine the issues of the day, consider legislation, and hold the government accountable. For more information, visit: