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Metro Vancouver

Metro Vancouver Establishes Comprehensive Lifecycle Management of all Corporate Records

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OpenText ECM Suite ensures accessible documents, improved efficiencies and reduced risk

If I compare OpenText to our previous platform, it is a far more flexible product and the user experience is much better. We're very happy with our decision to switch to OpenText.

Chris Plagnol, Deputy Manager of Corporate Information at Metro Vancouver


Metro Vancouver needed a central, secure repository for storing and distributing electronic records. They also needed a way to enforce retention periods and disposition rules based on pre-set periods, to help control risks, reduce storage costs, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Business challenges include:

  • Uncontrolled documents
  • Difficult to search and retrieve information in a timely manner
  • Previous platform did not meet IT needs



  • Improved productivity through faster and easier information retrieval
  • Retention schedules safeguard against the risk and cost of content
  • Version control and audit trail functions ensure accuracy and currency
  • Central repository allows for improved cross-departmental collaboration

About Metro Vancouver

Formed in 1967, Metro Vancouver is one of 29 regional districts that were created by the provincial government to ensure that all British Columbia residents had equal access to commonly needed services, including the provision of drinking water, sewerage and drainage, and solid waste management. Regional parks, affordable housing, labor relations, and regional urban planning are significant services provided directly to the public. For more information, visit: