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Menzis Improving the Client Experience with OpenText ECM Suite, Transactional Content Processing

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OpenText ECM Suite, Transactional Content Processing (TCP) enables Menzis to offer the best service possible by delivering transactional content in case-centric, easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces.

By being able to respond to customer and care provider inquiries in a more timely manner, with a high quality of information, our clients are more satisfied, our employees are more satisfied, and we have a much more efficient process in place.

Margreet Schans, Manager of Document Management at Menzis


Call centre employees struggled to handle customer requests effectively, often simply due to the lack of access to related documentation, but also due to manual, paper-driven processes. Clients many times needed to talk to multiple agents or had to wait for answers to their questions. This lack of efficiency in searching for information had a negative impact both on the clients and on employee morale.

Menzis wanted to provide their employees with the tools they needed to access all client related information faster, and support their efforts to deliver a superior customer experience.



  • Menzis has 600-700 users: Customer Service (call center employees), Care Management (employees who handle claims), Policy and Contract Management.
  • With the implementation of the OpenText solutions, the customer service representatives, the claims adjudicators along with policy and contract management staff can instantly access all the information they need electronically.
  • Customer inquiries are responded to in a more timely manner. Complaints and exceptions are managed more effectively and employees can handle an increased volume of calls, reducing wait time for clients.
  • Employees have a 360 degree view of customer claims. Improved client relations has a direct correlation to employee morale. Automation of routine tasks, and rapid access to information allows employees to focus on higher value work.

About Menzis

Menzis is one of the four largest heatlhcare insurers in the Netherlands. More than 2 million people are insured with Menzis. For more information, visit