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South African Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism

The DEAT—Pioneering paperless processes within the South African Government

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OpenText technology creates a paperless office environment at DEAT

The capability to share knowledge rapidly and seamlessly throughout the organization has been of tremendous benefit, making our employees more informed and more effective in their jobs. The quality and accuracy of documentation is improved while document losses have been reduced through streamlined workflows and procedures.

Ernst KargIT Director, DEAT


The development of an electronic system to enable the management and control of key documents throughout their entire lifecycle, including document authoring, review, approval, and dissemination. Additionally, the organization needed a consistent document management process to ensure compliance with regulations such as the National Archiving Act and the Electronic Communication Technology Act.



The DEAT created an integrated electronic document management system with OpenText. They standardized workflows and documentation processes. Delays were reduced and approval processes improved from 3 weeks to 3 days. They now have enhanced document tracking and audit capabilities and improved efficiency and employee productivity.

About South African Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism

The DEAT, or the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism of South Africa, is a National Government Department responsible for the creation of a supporting environment that will enhance the ability of both the public and private sector to sustain and effectively manage the Natural Environment alongside responsible Tourism Development so as to contribute to a socio-economic growth that will benefit all the people of South Africa.