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Leading Assessment Provider

Assessment provider embraces remote marking to avoid COVID-19 disruption

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Industry leader builds digital processes on OpenText™ TeleForm™, accelerating marking speed by 42% and delivering student results on time despite pandemic pressures.

Thanks to OpenText TeleForm and SR Capture, we played an important role in helping an entire year of prospective undergraduate students to apply for university despite the impacts of COVID-19.

Spokesperson, Assessment provider


  • Mark large volumes of essay-based examinations within tight deadlines
  • Maintain high levels of quality and transparency across multiple marking sessions
  • Eliminate the need for markers to gather in a central site during the COVID pandemic



  • Enables a digital marking workflow with built-in quality controls and data analytics
  • Improves training for markers, cutting the number of repeat markings by 17%
  • Avoids postage and travel requirements, and reduces overall costs by 15%
  • Accelerates process by 42%, helping to complete assessments on time despite COVID-19 disruption

About Leading Assessment Provider

This leading assessment provider designs and delivers assessments to learners around the world—helping higher education institutions select candidates for highly competitive study programs. The company’s offering includes subject-specific, multiple-choice and essay-based tests, which universities use to identify the top applicants for their degree programs.