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Southern Alberta Internet Child Exploitation Unit

Alberta Law Enforcement Unit leverages OpenText EnCase to Significantly Improve Case Efficiency

Southern Alberta Internet Child Exploitation Unit logo

Internet Child Exploitation Unit (ICE) turns to OpenText EnCase Forensic to close cases faster and prosecute more offenders.

With EnCase Forensic, we see a significant improvement in our efficiency, allowing us to investigate more complaints and bring more offenders to justice.

Allen LaFontaine, Forensic Examiner, Southern Alberta Internet Child Exploitation Unit


  • The process from evidence collection to reporting and prosecution is time-consuming
  • Needed tools to help quickly and reliably collect, analyze and store digital evidence



  • Significantly improved case efficiency
  • Reduced the number of devices needed to be seized for evidence
  • Reduced the amount of time to obtain critical evidence from hours to seconds
  • Faster resolution of cases to take on a larger case load

About Southern Alberta Internet Child Exploitation Unit

The Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Unit is under ALERT’s umbrella and investigates offences related to the exploitation of children over the Internet. This could include but is not limited to: the possession, distribution, importation and manufacturing of any child pornography and any computer-related child sexual abuse materials; luring children over the Internet; and voyeurism involving victims under the age of 18.