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Geneva State Criminal Police

Geneva police stay ahead of criminals with OpenText EnCase

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Geneva State Criminal Police enable rapid, effective forensic investigation with OpenText Security Suite solution

We’re a long-term customer and user of OpenText EnCase. We’ve had OpenText EnCase for nearly two decades at Geneva State Police.

Patrick Ghion, Head of Forensics, Geneva State Criminal Police


  • Investigative technology required to address the increasing use of technology by criminals
  • Comprehensive solution needed to facilitate evidence collection and analysis
  • Training for staff to develop technology skills and knowledge



  • Accelerated evidence collection and analysis for improved efficiency
  • Evidence collected is forensically sound and can be used in a court of law
  • Improved success of investigations with decryption and automation capabilities
  • Trained staff to increase knowledge and enhance digital investigation skills

About Geneva State Criminal Police

World-renowned as a hub for private banking and global diplomacy, the city of Geneva also boasts the Geneva State Criminal Police, one of the largest police forces in Switzerland. Geneva has also recently become the headquarters of the regional cybercrime center for western Switzerland.