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Digital Discovery

Digital Discovery finds the facts hidden in data with forensic investigation technology

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US investigative firm relies on OpenText EnCase to analyze the brave new world of data

OpenText EnCase has done a great job of keeping up with all the necessary revisions, improvements, patches, versions that allow us to do our job. Absent that, I don’t think we could do our job in an effective and defensible manner. That’s the beauty of OpenText EnCase—we’ve always found it to be the gold standard.

Steve Davis, Director of Business Development, Digital Discovery


  • Complex, high-profile cases required comprehensive forensic solution
  • Needed to quickly prioritize key documents and evidence
  • Up-to-date support called for to access data hidden in multiple sources and formats



  • Delivered clients a powerful, industry-standard forensic investigation solution
  • Accelerated defensible evidence collection and analysis
  • Ensured up-to-date support for the broadest range of devices, formats, and systems

About Digital Discovery

For more than 20 years, Dallas-based Digital Discovery has provided defensible eDiscovery and data consulting services to corporations, law firms, insurance companies, and government agencies. The company’s team of investigators, lawyers, and technical specialists help identify, preserve, collect, and analyze electronically stored information for litigation and other investigations. In addition to routine data sources and devices such as laptops and ECM systems, Digital Discovery specializes in complex and emerging data sources such as encrypted hard drives, mobile phones, IoT, and social media.