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Global e-commerce company

Global e-commerce company deploys best-of-breed technology to manage complex data transformations

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OpenText Contivo serves as critical component of high-performance integration architecture

Growth in our business required that we move from a commercial integration solution to a scalable services-based architecture. OpenText Contivo allowed us to do this quickly and cost-effectively.

Manager of enterprise integration, Global e-commerce company


  • Former business messaging integration platform didn’t align with the company’s services-based retail platform
  • Best-of-breed approach needed to manage critical data transformations
  • Scalable platform needed to meet continuing growth demands



  • Eliminated technical barriers hindering growth
  • Delivered SOA-based integration services on time
  • Ensured continued growth with unlimited scalability
  • Deployed services across a variety of low-cost components and devices

About Global e-commerce company

Multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital streaming.