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RAF Defence Equipment and Support Logistics

OpenText earns its stripes at RAF with new reporting solution

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RAF support department tightens its supply chain and adds more value with OpenText Magellan Analytics Suite

The functionality of OpenText Magellan BI & Reporting is very impressive. We can do a lot of the manipulation in the report coding structure itself, rather than having to extract the data and then run macros, which was very time-consuming. What used to take up to an hour now takes just a few minutes.

Squadron Leader Alan W Moore, Head of reporting services, Defence Equipment & Support, RAF Wyton


  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce internal administration costs
  • Boost productivity, value and responsiveness of the DE&S’s reporting function



  • Reduced legacy reports from 360 to just 120
  • Lowered costs by reducing maintenance and resources
  • Provided greater visibility into reports with drill down capability
  • Combined data from multiple sources

About RAF Defence Equipment and Support Logistics

The British Royal Air Force’s Defence Equipment and Support Logistics (DE&S) Integrated Project Teams are responsible for providing support to Air Command, managing support activities, managing a range of spares, developing a modification program with the Design Authority and managing industry contracts for repair and maintenance.